About Revd

Empowering fans, brands, venues and talent

Revd empowers fans, brands and venues to partner and create unique, intimate events with celebrity and established talent. The Company's platform lets fans set ticket prices for events they love through online sealed-bid auction-style bidding. Revd is also leveling the playing field and making it simple for potential sponsors or venues to become part of these great events. Any brand, any venue, anywhere can bid to sponsor and host these events, helping bring fan inspired experiences to their local area. This enables talent to connect directly and efficiently with fans, brands and venues who value their events the most, without costly layers in between.

Revd's mission is to power intimate events imagined and inspired by fans, while leveraging technology to reinvent the way these events are created.

We don't see the world how it is, we see how it should be.

Revd events with celebrity and established talent are unique and intimate, making it difficult to determine fair market price – so we're letting you the fans set it. Here's the cool part about our bidding platform, winning bidders for each ticket package will pay the same price as the other winning bidders for that ticket package and always pay less than your original bid! (Read more in our FAQ)

If you're a potential sponsor or venue, you now have streamlined access to sponsor and host unique events with celebrity and established talent. We've also stripped out the hassle of complex agreements by creating standard agreements (reviewed by numerous experienced business executives and attorneys) to simplify the process and be fair to all parties involved. (Read more in our FAQ)

If you're talent, you've invested time and risked a lot to build your career and brand. We welcome talent from any field with a passionate following (music, acting, dance, comedy, modeling, athletic, culinary, etc.). Our platform maximizes the value of your events and lets you realize the benefits of your efforts. A predominant percentage of all event revenue generated (fan, sponsor and venue) goes directly to the talent and their teams, while our platform removes costly non-essential elements. Our auction model also limits the impact of ticket resellers by better capturing upfront value that should go to the talent. (Read more in our FAQ)

We're launching with great intimate events and unlimited future possibilities as to the way these events happen, setting the stage for a paradigm shift. A world of possibilities is coming, powered by Revd.